Our Focus and Objectives

 1st Objective: Increasing the Effectiveness of Women in the Cause of Good Government

To achieve the E-Club’s First Objective, to “Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government,” an activity the King’s Highway Republican Women’s E-Club sponsors is fund raising events throughout the year. Proceeds of those events are specifically earmarked to fund four Special “Good Governance” Projects:

  1. Internships: Prince William County Board of Supervisors; Prince William County Republican Committee
  2. Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) KHRW E-Club Scholarship: Political Science and Government Studies
  3. Sponsor Education and Training Workshops:
    √  NFRW Campaign Management School
    √  PWC Republican Women Campaign Activists Training
  4. Cyber Security Awareness Campaign
  5. Book Donations: PWC Adult Detention Center
  6. Promote E-Club member attendance at meetings, seminars and conventions


2016 Official Photo

1.   Internships: Prince William County Board of Supervisors; Prince William County Republican Committee

The KHRW E-Club seeks Intern Partnerships with the Prince William Board of Supervisors and the Prince William County Republican Committee, to give young undergraduates the opportunity to spend part of the summer working for a Supervisor or at the PWCRC headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia. The Internship includes a small monthly allowance. Applications are due to the KHRW E-Club President by March 1st of each calendar year.





2.  Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) KHRWC E-Club Scholarship: Political Science and Government Studies.

The KHRW E-Club scholarship is awarded to a Virginia collegiate woman, majoring in either government or political science, who displays a serious commitment to community involvement in politics. Scholarship applications must be submitted by March 1 of each calendar year.



3. Sponsor NFRW Campaign School for Republican Candidates and PWC Republican Women Campaign Activist Training.

NFRW Campaign School. One of the National Federation of Republican Women’s objectives is political education. The NFRW pursues this long-time objective by training Republicans to win elections through the highly successful Campaign Management School Program (CMS). The CMS is a one-day ($100 fee) or two-day ($225) program designed to provide a comprehensive overview of campaigns, sponsored by a local Republican Women’s Club in partnership with the State Federation of Republican Women. Schools feature top-notch political professionals and strategists who have a wide range of knowledge and experience. These experts volunteer their time to teach students. The Curriculum course material includes: Foundation of the Campaign; Opposition and Issue Research; Developing Strategy and Message; Campaign Plan and Budget; Finance Plan, Direct Mail and Campaign Finance Laws; Pulling Together a Finance Committee, Organizing Events; Voter Targeting and Voter ID; GOTV Activities; Door-to-Door Campaigning;  Phone and Direct Mail; Ensuring an Honest Election and Recruiting and Managing Volunteers; Earned Media, Paid Media, and the Internet; Being the Best candidate Possible; and Eight Concepts for Running a Successful Campaign.

Political Campaign Activists Training. Republican Women are integral to political campaigns in working toward helping Republican candidates get elected to office and in supporting campaign events. To reach out and encourage Republican Women to become active in campaigns, the KHRW E-Club sponsors political education and training sessions on teaching women to be campaign activists. The sessions feature experienced campaign manager staff, professional political advisors, and Prince William County Republican Committee Officers, who provide a hands-on opportunity to learn about campaign infrastructure, the importance of the volunteer role, and how to reach out to voters.

 4. Cyber Security Awareness

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. In recognition of the Virtual Club structure, in particular that the Club’s command center is our website, it was determined that it would be beneficial for the club to receive training and information on cyber security. The club’s newsletter issued a warning to remember the 7 deadly computer words are: I’m OK, my computer works just fine. Is it? A sneaky cyber thief can be hanging out hidden away in your computer software and you would not even know it. That thief can play with your software, collect personal data and cause destructive mischief to your computer. The thief sneaks in through a cyber porthole attached to emails, junk mail promotions, and a whole host of other access.


5. Book Donations to the Adult Detention Center

In recognition of the NFRW Adult Literacy Project “Give the Gift of Literacy,” the KHRWE Club selected as its Community Outreach Service Project, the Manassas Adult Detention Center. Literacy is an issue with 75% of adults in State correctional facilities and 59% in Federal correctional facilities considered illiterate. Due to reduction in budget allocation, the Prince William County Library System no longer provides book mobile service to the Detention Center. Members collected and donated 398 paperback books, from individuals and yard sale “give aways”.






6. Promote KHRW E-Club member attendance at political meetings, seminars and conventions

The KHRW E-Club encourages its members to attend political meetings and seminars, and in particular the VFRW annual convention and the NFRW biannual convention as well as GOP annual conventions. The E-Club supports attendance through underwriting registration fees and other costs as appropriate, as well as co-hosting with other Republicans women’s clubs’ candidates debates.

2nd Objective: Work for Republican Candidates in All Elections

Keep a Good Thing Going – Vote Republican

To achieve the E-Club’s Second Objective “Working for Republican Candidates in All Elections,” the King’s Highway Republican Women’s E-Club is integral to the combined efforts of city, county, State and national Republican organizations as we work toward helping Republicans get elected to office, keeping them in office; recruiting candidates to run for office; and supporting organizations, events, and projects that uphold the democratic principles of the Founding Fathers. One of the E-Club’s main goals is to encourage more Republican women to seek elected office, political appointments, and leadership positions in Republican organizations.

There are many opportunities for members to join Republican Candidate teams in all elections, including chairing candidate fund raising events; helping with promotional projects; attending meetings; or working behind the scenes. E-Club members can also work to “Get-Out-the-Vote” and with voter registration activities, or at the voting precincts during elections. The E-Club itself co-sponsors a “Meet and Greet Republican Candidates” night.   Whether large or small, E-Club volunteer candidate team opportunities and those of the Prince William County Republican Committee are endless and there is always an active candidate campaign for a national, State, or local office E-Members can join.

Likewise, the Prince William Republican Committee offers a number of opportunities to work for candidates. Volunteers are most welcome to join in “Neighborhood Knock for (candidate),” “Get-Out-the-Vote Phone Bank Calling,” and “Meet and Greet Events.”

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