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Unknown-1National Women’s Party                                                                                               19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Centennial


A special project of the KHRWEC is helping to preserve the National Women’s Party Legacy. The party is headquartered at the Seawell-Belmont House and Museum located in Washington, D.C.; the Home of the National Women’s Party and the 20th Century Suffragettes Headquarters. The museum was the Washington home of Alice Paul who was the founder and drafter of the Equal Rights Amendment. The political strategies and tactics of Alice Paul and the NWP became a blueprint for women’s rights organizations and activities throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st Century.

The NWP has initiated a fund raising effort to raise funds for the Centennial of U.S. women suffrage in 2020 and the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the “Circle of Suffrage Project;” an event that will be celebrated by Republican Women’s Clubs all over the United States. One of our members is participating in the event, in particular the “Crowdsourcing” of Women’s Biographies, which is a collaboration with historian Jill Zahniser and the editors of Women and Social Movement in the United States, to research and write stories about the nearly 200 female Suffragette picketers.

Republican Campaign


The KHRW E-Club is integral to the combined efforts of city, county, State and national Republican organizations as we work toward helping Republicans get elected to office, keeping them in office; recruiting candidates to run for office; supporting organizations, events, and projects that uphold our Constitutional Principles. One of the E- Club’s main goals is to encourage more Republican women to seek elected office, political appointments, and positions

in Republican organizations; to that end members join candidate campaigns and actively are involved in recruitment and their election campaigns, encourage and assist in getting all eligible citizens to vote. There are many opportunities for members to chair or help with projects; attend meetings, conventions and seminars; join campaign teams or work behind the scenes for campaigns and events, “Get Out the Vote” and voter registration activities, or work at the voting precincts during elections. The E-Club itself is a co-sponsor of a “Meet and Greet Republican Candidates” night. Volunteer opportunities are endless and there is always an active campaign for a national, State, or local office.






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