What Virginia Patriotic Kids Read



  • Arnold, Nancy.  “Patriotic Pups” 2008
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw, “Alexander, the Old Town Mouse” 1996
  • Barnew, Cheryl Shaw. “ A Capitol Cooking with Woodrow and Friends” 1998
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Cappy Tail’s Capital Tales” 2010
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Cornelius Vandermouse” 1997
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “House Mouse, Senate Mouse” 1996
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Little Miss Patriot” 2007
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Mice Way to Learn About Government
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Washington DC: An Alphabet Picture Book About Our Nation
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Woodrow for President, A Tail of Voting” 1999
  • Barnes, Cheryl Shaw. “Woodrow, The White House Mouse” 1998
  • Chaney, Lynn. “A Patriotic Primer” 2002
  • Chaney, Lynn. “Our Fifty States: A Family Adventure” 2008
  • Chaney, Lynn. “We the People: The Story of Our Constitution” 2008
  • Chaney, Lynn. “When Washington Crossed the Delaware” 2004
  • Gingrich, Callista. “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride 2012
  • Gingrich, Callista. “Sweet Land of Liberty” 2011
  • Gingrich, Callista. “ Yankee Doodle Dandy: Elis the Elephant” 2013

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