Republican Women Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

image0122017 VFRW Legislative Day

The KHRWEC participated in the Virginia Federated Republican Women’s Legislative Survey and attended the Legislative Day Luncheon. Lunch provided an opportunity to discuss issues with Virginia Delegates.


2017 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

KHRWEC Members supported the March 3rd PWCGOP Annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner fundraiser, with the purchase of tickets to the dinner and VIP reception. All candidates for State offices were in attendance. Carly Fiorina was the Keynote Speaker.


GOP Lt. Governor Candidates Debate

You can read about the debate here: (http://fairfaxfreecitizen.com/2017/04/04/gop-lt-governor-candidates-debate-at-army-navy-club/).

Candidate Campaign

Several KHRWEC members have joined candidate campaign teams to make Virginia RED again.

KHRWEC Membership Recruitment


First Lady Susan Allen is a strong supporter of the Virtual Club concept. She promotes membership in the KHRWEC by distributing our membership brochures when she makes speaking presentations or schedules book signing events. KHRWEC President Janet Gorn joined author Susan Allen her Book Signing Exhibit, for her children’s book, The Remarkable Ronald Reagan: Cowboy and Commander in Chief. The club appreciates her continued support to promote membership in the King’s Highway E Club and in particular the importance of an E club to increase membership in the VFRW. KHRWEC Membership Brochures, From Saddlebags to Satellites: Republican Women Leading the Way, were available during book signing for prospective members attending the convention.


American Heritage Project


The KHRWEC took its inspiration from the Kings Highway, the first north-south transportation route through Virginia, including a portion running through Prince William County in the area of the Woodbridge Ripon Lodge Plantation and the Marine Corps Museum. To celebrate the Club’s Charter Anniversary and to reflect the “first to” importanceof this heritage, the Kings Highway Club adopted a “Heritage Project” whose objective was to seek out an 18th or 19th Century antique decorative artifact, to be donated to the Ripon Lodge Plantation House and Museum. Members combed numerous antique stores and auctions. The Kings Highway Club successfully obtained the perfect gift; a 1887 framed needlepoint sampler completed by a woman who visited the County and likely traveled the Kings Highway. The Kings Highway Club President collaborated with the Prince William County Historical Preservation Curator to identify its province and successfully traced not only Hanna’s genealogy, but located a photo. The frame includes a commemorative plaque noting it is a gift of the Kings Highway Club.



Adult Literacy Project

In recognition of the NFRW Adult Literacy Project “Give the Gift of  Literacy,” the KHRWE Club selected as its Community Outreach Service Project, the Manassas Adult Detention Center. Literacy is an issue with 75% of adults in State correctional facilities and 59% in Federal correctional facilities considered illiterate. Due to reduction in budget allocation, the Prince William County Library System no longer provides book mobile service to the Detention Center. Members collected and donated 398 paperback books, from individuals and yard sale “give aways”.

Cyber Security Awarenesscartoon-mouse-thief

The KHRWEC is reviewing options and consulting with computer software companies to explore cyber security classes for members.

Community Service Partnerships

The KHRWEC partnered with the Prince William County Republican committee in community outreach service “Committee to Serve” project donating dry and canned food to the Streetlight Ministries food bank.

The KHRWEC partnered with the Education Foundation and the Prince William Board of Supervisors in donating school supplies.


2017 National Federated Republican Women

The KHRWEC President is Vice Chairman of the NFRW Literacy Committee and a member of the NFRW Membership Committee.


2017 Virginia Federated Republican Women

The KHRWEC President is a member of the VFRW Membership Committee. 

2018 Executive Officers Sworn In

The 2018 Executive Officers were sworn in. Janet Gorn, President; Suzette Fulton, 1st Vice President, Jessica Handle, Secretary-Treasurer.



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