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NFRW/NRCC Project Growth

Club members in particular focused on Republican Women candidates in support of the Project Growth sponsored by the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), intended to recruit and support women candidates running for Congress and other Government Offices and to engage women voters. Project Growth is focused messaging, training in effective messaging, focused efforts to engage the women’s vote, fundraising, and recruiting campaign volunteers.

The KHRWEC is integral to the efforts of city, county, State and national Republican organizations, as we work in concert toward helping Republicans get elected to office, keeping them in office; recruiting candidates to run for office; supporting organizations, events, and the projects that uphold conservative principles; and by sizing large and small opportunities. One of the Club’s main goals is to encourage more Republican women to seek elected office, political appointments, and officer positions in Republican organizations; to that end we actively seek involvement in recruitment and their election campaigns, in particular hosting “Meet and greet” events.

Republican women understand the value of vote empowerment the 19th Amendment granted. It is never too soon to start our electoral engines and get ready to flex our “Smart Republican Women” empowerment in support of Republican candidates as the flag goes down for the preparation of the 2017 races. To that end KHRWEC members are more than just aware of this, we are energized into finding the time to become involved in the election process.

LeadershipSeminarTypeWP“Republican Women Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today” 

Kings Highway Republican Women’s E Club joined the VFRW battle by employing 21st Century Republican Women Smart Power leadership. Smart Power Leadership is a roadmap to motivate and empower women of all ages and backgrounds in the political process, increasing their effectiveness in the cause of good governance, in particular as issue activists in the Republican Party on the local, state, and national level. To that end, our first step on following the road map was to host a Leadership Seminar, focused on the leadership role and contributions of Republican Women in Prince William County.


Virginia Woman on the Street Video Journal

To increase the opportunity for Republican Women to give their individual views wider recognition, The Kings Highway Republican Women’s E Club recently launched an exciting new project, “Virginia Woman on the Street.” Each month, the Club randomly selects a group of women in Virginia to be interviewed on a featured topic such as Jobs and the Economy; Transportation; Health Care; Education and Literacy; Taxes, the Environment; local, state, and national budgets; and Women’s Rights. The interviews are videotaped and linked to the KHRWEC website, and posted on Vimeo and the Prince William Washington Times Blog.  Virginia Woman on the Street

Our Republican Women Smart Power has miles to go before we rest. The KHRWEC members are “Growing Their Mind” becoming more informed on issues of interest to us as a Republican Women’s Club. We are prepared to become more informed and to take action.  As KHRWEC collegial consensus on issue evolves, we will share those views.


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 Guest Speaker Program Video Journal



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