Programs and Activities


Republican Women are among the most active and best informed citizens of Prince William County on a variety of local, State and National topics of interest and political issues that are at the forefront.  They ensure members continue to be active and knowledgeable throughout the year; the VKHRW’s E-Club Executive Committee begins its term of office with a strategic planning session.  The Executive Committee identifies opportunities, in particular for VKHRW E-Club members to increase the effectiveness of women in support of good governance and the empowerment of women in the political process.  These activities include among a number of opportunities attending seminars and political events, working for Republican candidates or becoming candidates, and fund raising events.  The annual VKHRW E-Club Calendar also includes opportunities to attend Prince William County Republican Committee meetings and events, those of the Virginia Federated Republican Women and the National Federated Republican Women.  The E-Club activity opportunities focus on:

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