Virginia Woman on the Street

The election of Republican Women Officials to the U.S. Congress, the Virginia Legislature, the County Board of Supervisors, the School BoardPrince William County Board of Supervisors, the School Board, as a Commonwealth Attorney, or the Clerk of the Court, provides inspiration to motivate and empower Republican Women of all ages and backgrounds in the political process. Empowerment is more than participating as an election day volunteer; supporting Republican candidates, accepting appointments to government committees and working groups; and actively participating in political and civil society organizations.

To increase effectiveness in the cause of good government, Republican Women Smart Power also focuses on expressing the Republican Woman’s viewpoint on important topics, through adopting resolutions, writing opinion letters, authoring newspaper Op-Ed articles, and appearing at public meetings to make their views known.

To increase the opportunity for Republican Women to give their views wider recognition, The King’s Highway Republican Women’s E Club launched an exciting new Video Journal project, “Virginia Woman on the Street.”  Each month, for our hallmark journal, the Club randomly selects women to be interviewed on a featured topic of their choice such as Jobs and the Economy; Transportation; Health Care; Education and Literacy; Taxes, the Environment; local, state, and national budgets; and Women’s Rights. There is no interpretation, no guesstimate, no spinning comments, by the press, any political groups or political party; just straight talk. The interviews are videotaped and linked to the KHRWEC website (, and posted on social media websites.


Their Views


Carrie Almond from KHRWEC on Vimeo.

Dee Dee Van Buren from KHRWEC on Vimeo.

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